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Smart Home Lighting

MI Lighting is smart home lighting not only allows you to remotely control your home lighting system, it's also energy-efficient, host multicolor lights, all controlled by your iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablets. Here are just some of the features you’re sure to love:

  • Multicolor lights including white light
  • Control via iPhone or Android App
  • Control lights away from home and any location around the globe
  • Control individual lights
  • Set timer for each light to turn on and off
  • Save energy – 9Watts LED bulb and 25 years Lifespan
  • Save-As-You-Dim Technology
  • Dim your lights to match your mood
  • Sleep Mode
  • WPA2 Security, given a user sole authorization to the lights
  • Has memory function to resume previous settings
  • And Many More…


When you’re away from home, set a timer for lights in the house to go on or off. This will deter possible burglars and you can also use this when you are at home too, to go off after you finish reading for the night, etc. This is made possible as they are Wifi light bulbs.


Going away? Set a timer for your lights in the house to go on or off. This will deter possible break-ins. Alternatively you can also use this when you are at home, setting it to turn off automatically after you go to bed etc.

Energy Saving

MI Lighting also saves you energy which translates into cheaper electricity bills, so you actually save when you buy :) Ranging between 4 to 9 watt LED lights - LEDs have an approximate lifespan of around 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to roughly 25 years of average use!

Can I still use my wall light switch?

Despite its high-tech features, MI Lighting also works with your standard home light switch, giving you the easy option of flipping the switch on and off when you leave or enter a room.